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Social media sharing affects search results

August 9th, 2011

A search for “Marketing Agency” as you can imagine produces millions of results (70 million) and you would normally have to narrow your search such as “marketing agency derby” to even get close to reaching the top of the search results. As you can imagine its very difficult if not impossible to perform search engine optimisation to get your small website in Derby to rank highly in the results when you are competing against some of the largest marketing agencies in the world.

I was very surprised when searching through the results that I discovered a company on the first page in position 10 which is a small agency in Derby.

I investigated further as I was convinced a social media recommendation – facebook like, a tweet or a google +1 recommendation must have been the cause. I presumed that the google +1 link was the main reason as I am a member of google plus, and was signed into google at the time the search was carried out. However I have spoken with Lee Flannaghan (above) and he informed me that the only method of social media he has used with regard to promoting his website on the internet was twitter.

This proves that google is changing the way it ranks results in its search engines and will present its search results along with matches from Social media and henceĀ  proving the importance of promoting your content with social media tools.



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